Bounce by OMG Development


App Name:

Bounce by OMG Development

iOS Release Date: 

June 23rd 2016

Android Release Date: 

June 29th 2016

Type: Game

Discover this simple but addictive game!
You have to keep the ball in the air and not let it touch the ground!
This can be hours of fun for all ages.

Set your own high score and see if you can beat it or let your friends and family try!



The Challenge

Creating an app that was simple from a coding point of view, but could be engaging and fun at the same time. We had a few ideas before we settled on what we have now!

The Process

Once we had settled on our idea, we had to decide the best way to go about the design and development of our new app.

Owen got to work on the UI designs, creating layouts to size in PhotoShop. 

Mitesh got to work on the coding the frame of the app, so that Owen’s graphics could be added once they were ready!

The Product

After two weeks of development and testing, we were finally ready to submit to the Apple App Store.

We submitted our app for review and after a few simple revisions to our code the Apple Review Team finally approved our app for the App Store.

Our next task will be to release our app on the Google Play Store.